Why work with OSTL?

This page is a work in progress

The OSTL was established to meet the following needs:

  • Interoperability testing of open-source software packages on emerging hardware platforms
  • Performance benchmarking of software libraries with a consistent set of synthetic and workload-specific test cases
  • Stress tests and reporting of bugs by emulating realistic production environment
  • Impartial/objective evaluation by a third-party entity to conduct experiments and certify results
  • Sustainable workforce preparation by equipping students with the state-of-art knowledge and engineering skills

Our Objective

The objective of the OSTL is to carry out open source software testing, validation, performance evaluation on emerging hardware platforms, and facilitate collaborations and innovations.

  • Testing: Perform comprehensive functionality and performance evaluations of OSS and deliver written reports on OSS validation, compatibility, and performance.
  • Training: Offer crucial hands-on training to educate future workforce with the state-of-art technological advances.
  • Innovation: Serve as innovation hub to attract open-source community developers, industrial partners, government agencies in advancing OSS technologies.