UML Collaborates with Intel and Red Hat to Pilot Open Source Technology Lab

UMass Lowell Collaborates with Intel and Red Hat to Pilot Open Source Technology Lab

As part of the Open Source Technology Lab ( pilot program, Intel, Red Hat, UMass Lowell & Dell collaborated using the Dell 16G XR5610 and Dell XR8000 platforms, which are powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors with Intel vRAN Boost®, along with Red Hat OpenShift® Container Platform. This collaborative initiative has showcased the readiness from both a COTS hardware and open container standard software perspective, to deploy vRAN workloads at scale. The demonstration was conducted through an independent third-party process, adding credibility and objectivity to the validation process.

Why Open Source Technology Lab?

Open Source Technology Lab (OSTL) at UMass Lowell carries out open-source software testing, validation, performance evaluation on emerging hardware platforms, and facilitate collaborations and innovation. As a university-industry collaborative, OSTL strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • Testing: Perform comprehensive functionality and performance evaluations of OSS and deliver written reports on OSS validation, compatibility, and performance
  • Training: Offer crucial hands-on training to educate future workforce with the state-of-art technological advances
  • Innovation: Serve as innovation hub to attract open-source community developers, industrial partners, government agencies in advancing OSS technologies
  • Acceleration: Advance Digital Transformation validating next generation workloads (such as 5G vRAN, machine learning) on open standard platforms

Yan Luo
Founding Director of OSTL
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Massachusetts Lowell

John Morgan
Founding Director of OSTL
Director Platform Solution Integration
Customer and Ecosystem Enabling Division
Network & Edge Solutions Group

Rashid Khan
Founding Director of OSTL
Senior Director
Core Platforms – Networking
Red Hat

Heidi Dempsey
Research and Innovation Director, North America
Office of the CTO
Red Hat

Suresh Ramasamy(Raam)
Director, Strategic HW Partnerships
Telecom Systems Business
Dell Technologies